Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resist Authority (Blue)

no matter how much I resist authority, I am everywhere implicated in this text

Binding is a simple Coptic with a (spontaneous) variation on the back cover to spice it up. Quote is by Juana Rodriguez. standard American printer paper (lined), cardstock, acrylic


  1. Just found your new blog site,I particulary like your blue head, but I shall have to look at it a lot more to really get beneath the surface, it reminds me of a self portrait in blue that I made when experimenting with screenprinting, must look out the large folio dating back to that time, one of my passions is old etchings and engravings I have a lot of seventeenth cent. but a few sixteenth.

  2. well, the stencil is based off a photo of (streetart) a basic head that had been overlaid with several other stencils. simplified down, i made this stencil.
    etchings are lovely inspirations indeed.