Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Cut out of grape vines with handmade tinted denim paper underneath

internal shizen end papers

binding is a double, twisted link and kettle. I usually wouldn't do such a harvest style color scheme but the colors suit its recipient

usually link and kettle is done just once giving alternating stitch and blank bits on the spine...but I went twice, both to strengthen the binding and to suit the twist and curl of vines (...left unpruned?)

this is NOT a viable binding!
Another of the gift books. This one gave me a headache because I broke my own rule-don't do risky variations with books you must have professional-looking at the end. Well it really didn't work out and I ended up with strangely spaced holes in my covers (and had to scrap the signatures)...and of course, it's meant for one of the people I respect the most! *sigh* It came out alright in the end but the process...was terrible!

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