Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hide and Seek, Final

I originally posted this as my teaching book for the 3 signature binding. However, when it came time to give it away as a gift, I felt like it needed more. Like, more signatures and a more interesting (for me) binding so here is the final result.


  1. T, what have you done for this really cool three sig book? It is four sigs with 1,2,3 making the first set of stitches and 2,3,4 making the second? Would you mind if I tried it?


  2. it is 6 sigs total. and actually I made it first with a regular 3 signature but leaving room for signatures in between. then i fitted in the new signatures and treated that as a separate, unjoined 3 signature binding. all it is is two 3 signature bindings overlapped, simple as that.