Monday, November 19, 2012


I haven't made an entire, more-than-one-signature in over a year now but happily, it was like I'd never stopped! Apparently, I won't lose my bookmaking skills despite no practice. It might be because while I don't make books nowadays, I do think about making them and it was a very complicated dream in which I made a Belgian Secret Binding that made me finally make this book. It's for my master's dissertation adviser and really I ought to have given it to him back in January or February. Unfortunately, this is typical-I can go years without giving gifts out and then suddenly, really randomly, I make up for it.
Anyhow, onto the book itself!
my adviser is an archaeozoologist and though I am not, I nonetheless have the Collins bone id guide from which I traced these bones in order to cut them out of the greenish/blueish cover paper. The bones expose a light green brocade paper underneath. It's a slightly odd sized square.

the end paper is a British bought paper and was chosen b/c I admire his very methodical approaches to archaeological problems and this strikes me as a very methodical paper.

I was stymied on what binding the book wanted and ended up with my coptic zigzag-partially b/c I love it and partially b/c it put me in mind of the jagged ends of broken bones...which is what an archaeologist usually sees

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