Monday, July 22, 2013

Heat Waves aka Summer

I apologize for belated and missed posts.

Every year I forget just how much I dislike summer. Don't get me wrong-I also was confused to be wearing wool sweaters during the last summer I spent in the UK-and there're nice things about summer. But summer for me means headache and migraine season. Everything about me slows down-my brain, my speech, my walk, my intellectual faculties. My ability to see projects through.

I always forget this because I actually do so much every summer-I step outside my established habits, routines, and culture. I spend months in hot climates struggling to think about the implications of uneven slip application even as the sweat drips into my eyes and lugging 31 pounds of material as I follow the shade. I become the sort of tourist who spends hours next to fascinating things to see in foreign cafes planted in front of the fans instead of on my feet for 19 hours straight-feeling just as exhausted at night. I spend more time in bed and less time asleep. And despite all this, my creativity increases-I think of more things to do, more things I want to do, could do, and try to will myself to do.

However, my projects often get finished in the frenzy of September and October. My headaches ease and I feel more like myself-a human being- and less like an unintelligent blob of discomfort. One day I will reconcile these extremes of my motivation and ability. Until then, you'll find me napping uncomfortably on the buckram I had every intention of turning into a hat today. Check me for tell tale grid patterns.

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