Thursday, February 15, 2018


I'm working on a series of ladies carved in lino. They are inspired by women I know. This is Angeliki.

I ended up drawn to this type of subject for this series because of the combination of strength and vulnerability the back of women's heads communicate to me as well as my own femininity. As women, we're encouraged to have long hair which requires constant maintenance to remain "presentable". But it's a constant struggle to remain presentable; our hair obeys the call of gravity or its natural texture and tends to fall out of its intended form-hairs straggling free before the eventual collapse of whatever hairstyle we did that day. We're (usually) constantly adjusting-redoing our ponytails, our braids throughout the day. Added to that, we rarely get to actually see what our hairstyles look like-yeah, you can angle mirrors or crane your neck or take photos-but for the most part, we are maintaining something that we rely on our skill and practice to trust it looks "ok". There's a strength in this confidence, this ability to go about our normal day unapologetically feminine and human but inevitably a vulnerability as well. 

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