Monday, October 18, 2010

Artist Cards

So when I first created this blog and begun to sell my books, I also developed an artist card. Since the first one, I've gone through 3 designs but the basic premise has remained the same; my artist card is a mini book-zine to stay true to my DIY aesthetic.

my first card was not at all slick-handwritten, glue sticked, photocopied much like the zines of the 90s underground scene.

the text is the same as the sidebar to this blog.

I went through some other designs that I was not too fond of so they had limited runs and I couldn't find evidence of my taking pictures of them...

My current one is very different. It incorporates my own photos as backgrounds to each page and was designed on the computer.

the text is a little more philosophical/political and less autobiographical than my original one, but it's in a way, much more my own than previous ones......and though it doesn't quite fold too well (illustrator and me printing don't quite work out too well) it is my favorite


  1. I had never noticed the sidebar of the blog before (I usually read this via Google Reader) - I had the same experiences with authority figures. Do you think it is connected at all to being deaf / minority? Like, personally, I think I read early b/c of being deaf.

  2. I do think that it's connected to being hearing impaired. I mean, where other kids would talk to their friends if they finished their work early I would pull out the book and thus I'd get buried into my reading and thus would not bother about the next task I was supposed to do which is what got me in trouble. and certainly, while I didn't actually learn to read before we taught in school, I picked it up ridiculously quickly most probably because it was easier to focus and understand than the tv.