Sunday, October 31, 2010


a present for a guitarist friend's birthday. Since the only drawing things I have are apparently water based which inevitably smears upon application of the matte medium I use to seal off my covers, I lit on the idea of drawing it on tracing paper and then simply gluing the drawn side to the cover. simple innovation that erases all that frustration!

binding is a twisted link and kettle with doubled over variation


  1. T,

    Beautiful as always. Please explain to me how you do the doubled one. I would love to try it. Do you do all the brackets at once, or do half and then the other half?


  2. Yeah, you'll notice that the bottom of the binding is not linked/locked. that's because instead of going to the next signature, I simply go back up the signature. If you wanted to, you could do a small little stitch at the bottom to do a coptic style lock (like I did for wright's book) but the book (this one), even without the bottom link, is still sturdy and unwobbly.