Thursday, September 15, 2011


All of my energy and mental control has been put into this. A MA dissertation. Due to strange timing issues I didn't end up at the binders in time. So I stared at some "velubinding" methods and concluded it was simply a post binding. Or in other words, a mechanized Westernized Japanese stab binding.
So I created a simple 5 hole binding stabilized with strips of mountboard along the spine with further stabilizing done through a 3 hole binding through the textblock itself. Fully satisfies my department's requirements: "bound securely and able to be displayed in a glass cabinet"


  1. It is MA dissertation, and a japanese stab binding... I habe never seen that, great, wonderful, I like it.

  2. at this rate, i'm almost planning on making my PhD dissertation laid out for coptic binding...since i've bound my undergrad AND MA dissertations, it seems fitting.