Thursday, May 17, 2012

Artist Books

I have a confession to make: I've not made an involved book in over a year. The last 8 books I've made have been purpose made 1-2 signature books with very simple covers. Instead my more "artist" books have become much involved and I have 2 in progress right now.  Unusually for me-the point of these 2 books is not the book itself but what's inside. Here's a sneak peek...though I doubt I'd be able to show you much more in the next year...
Es la maƱana...can you guess the poem?
I'm teaching myself non-metallic illumination. Despite my mother's insistence that I must've been a monk in a past-life, I am not good at traditional illumination. My lines waver up and down and my letter weights are not consistent. My illuminated initials (one per page) are far from symmetrical. However, this book is far from a pristine book with its individual tea dyed pages-in more than 9 different techniques and that centipede stitch keeping it together and snaking across the covers is not a symmetrical beast either so I'm embracing my inconsistencies....which fascinatingly doesn't make the process go any faster.

I've also taken up a number of other creative crafts which will make up the next few posts on this blog because like my books, my idea of how creativity can be applied has expanded and with my current unemployment, I fill my time to the lip of the glass.

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