Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bobbin Lace Making

two finished pieces
 I've taken up-mildly-bobbin lace making. It goes slowly (oh so slowly) mainly because it's so mindful. You can't let your mind wander too far which means it requires a full attention span-and mine ebbs and flows. I'm teaching myself the same way I taught myself to bind books- reading books. Every book about bobbin lace making I've found is published in the 1950-1960s and has the tone of a little old lady down pat. Like with book binding, I take shortcuts (for instance, I do not trace my pattern, pre-prick, and retrace the pattern again) which I'm sure are scandalous and you'll notice my cushion is not a cushion at all. I love doing traditional crafts and all but I'm still a modern individual here.
piece still on the 'cushion'


  1. I found you through tintaelinha's blog. I also love making books and my aunt in Galicia is a bobbin lace maker. How great that you are learning this.

  2. I'm continually surprised by the connections the world offers.
    And I had no clue anyone in Galicia made bobbin lace-my family has basket weavers, farmers, marineiros, and seamstresses but no lace makers.