Saturday, May 19, 2012

Around the house

 inspired by a picture-I made my own coat rack out of 10 bamboo sticks (from the gardening section) lashed into a semi-teepee shape which works splendidly as a simple, usable coat rack. While this is not quite a piece of furniture that I'd move with, it fills a much needed niche in my life.

I picked up this old school desk at a charity shop for under 10 quid about a year ago. It's since been used as dinner table, calligraphy table (one of my ink bottles fits perfectly in the inkwell), and we-have-so-much-stuff-table. Though obviously solid antique pine, it was not finished at all (as I gather is typical of UK school desks of the time) and so under our misuse, it had gotten stained, scratched, and water damaged. and let's not forget, this was a school desk and so inscribed by folks like D. Williams in 28/4/63 while he sat at 12 'clock 10th level french class so it's not like this desk was not already abused.
 With a bit of mineral spirits to clear off those stains, a bit of sanding to even out some of the scratches, dents, and water damage, and some penetrating resin looks better than it probably ever did and is loads more durable while still retaining the charming antique school desk look that made me buy it in the first place.

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