Monday, April 15, 2013

Black Hares graphic design

My current ongoing graphic design project is for The Black Hares. I'm enjoying it primarily because I have a definite fondness for rabbits/hares and also I'm pretty much given free rein in my design (b&w being my main constraint).

Their logo was hand-drawn and then digitized. The text came first mainly because I wanted to break away from my usual font ruts to create a text that suits the chaotic pub environment they are usually in. In fact, I went to one of their sessions and sketched out my ideas right there at the beer-damp table. I wanted the hare to be in a dynamic position and decided that the spirals were infinitely appropriate to folk music and so the hare was born.

I've since modified the logo to form the website banner, facebook buttons, and cards.

A little less often, I make gig posters for them. I employ a stencil vibe showcasing their two instruments making it rather clear this is a band gig poster. The relevant information (location, time, date) is slightly buried within the graphic elements but still clear at all sizes-Goudy Bookletter is really a great serif font for that.

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