Monday, April 8, 2013

Butterfly Stab Binding-The Magic Lantern

Ah, at last, a book.

I have this big folder on my computer full of things I'd like to figure out how to do myself. Many of these are things I'd only be in the position to make in the unseen future but hanging out in there was a picture I'd found on tumblr

of this amazing butterfly stab binding. I thought sweet and saved it.

I finally got around to trying it out. There were a lot of missteps (some of those holes have thread going in at all tricky to figure out), a lot of thread knotting itself (grrrr...) and just general redos. The resulting book can only be a practice book due to the stretched out holes (there's no way to make that sound not dirty) and a general skewedness. My holes were not symmetrical which further lead to confusions and it's not even! GRRR! (it means the cover is gonna rip easier/not last-it's also a totally a rookie mistake) Plus I totally forgot my original plan to do it long-ways....

Still I'm happy with it! It's been awhile since I A. made a stab binding book and B. made a totally new binding so I'm pleased with it.

After I finished it occurred to me to search for Becca Hirsbrunner to see if she had a blog. Sure enough, she does! With a tutorial for the binding. Another to file under the "could've made your own life easier" category but I'm totally excited. Have you seen her bindings?! I think I want to do the stars next!

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