Monday, May 6, 2013

3/4 Circle Skirt

So before I could be sure I'd be able to make at least 6 triple circle skirts with bright orange waistbands, I needed to be sure that I could do waistbands. Serendipitously, my local fabric shop brought in this range of gorgeous colors of knit fabric so I could give into my WANT of those beautiful colors of knit. This was before Christmas so my best friend got a 3/4 circle skirt out of a turquoise that I thought would be perfect with her eyes and job (yep! yep!). Her partner got a green skirt of her favorite design (a knock off of a major chain's skirt) that I thought would fit perfectly into her wardrobe's palette (yep! yep!).

For myself, I made a 3/4 circle skirt out of purple. A perfect casual skirt for me that looks fine with tshirts.
I use this excel worksheet I made a long time ago to calculate the radius of the waist circle and the radius of that plus the skirt to the hemline circle. I then use my measuring tape like a compass marking the semi-circle with pins that I then cut along. If I fold it correctly, there're no seams-this skirt has one seam. The waistband is a simple rectangle folded over the elastic, edges tucked in, and finished with a zig zag. Then it gets sewn onto the skirt right sides touching and given a minor press to lie flatter around the wait to reduce bulk. The result is a skirt that falls like it has gathers but actually doesn't have any.

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