Monday, May 13, 2013

Don't Let Your Mind Bully Your Body

You'll remember that the last book I posted on here was kind of a stab binding hot mess despite the complete awesomeness of the binding. I had indirectly discovered Becca Hirsbrunner's blog with her organic bindings through incomplete sources and just got too excited to be too precise. Well, here's another of her designs but this time I made it with my more typical forethought.

This time I used Becca's tutorial except that I wanted the binding to take up less of the text block so I eliminated one on each side to make the whole binding 4 holes deep instead of 5. This got rid of one of the nice weaved lines but I think it remains elegant.

I had tension problems due to waxing my thread so the spine wraps are not properly horizontal but since I hadn't made this before I didn't want to make them too tight that I'd be weaving furrows into the cover (I've done this before with a different binding).

Pretty much, I love it. This is a little book with a sharpied cover with that elegant binding that comes to a knot at the center.

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