Monday, May 13, 2013

Me Made May '13 Week Two

Skirt is me-made. It is in fact the first thing I made out of fabric off the bolt. It's two colors of mechanical homespun woven with a pinstripe design made into a panel skirt. I picked the homespun because it felt substantial and the resulting skirt has seen me through yardwork without appearing to even get dirty but no one told me how it frays. And it frays and frays so that there are years of inept patching woven into this skirt. A couple of months I finally sat down and made it a proper waistband and finished off all the seams with zig zags so it would stop fraying itself apart.

not me made is the H&M top

The skirt is a knock off of an American Apparel design. I bought mine almost a decade ago and I adore the swoops and hugging of it that when it started to develop holes I knew I needed another. But when I went back to the shops I realized that somewhere along the line they'd decided that this skirt needed to be clingier and shorter and just. not. right. So when this gorgeous viscose jersey called my name I knew it'd become a new one of these.

not me made is the H&M top 

This shirt started life as one of M's shirts. When he culled his wardrobe I snapped it up to transform it into a top for me. It is also the first piece of dressmaking I ever blogged about .

not me made are the randomly sized jeans and Camper shoes.

I can't, for the life of me, find my picture for this day. Luckily, I've just blogged about my skirt. After wearing it all day in rain and shine and wind I've determined it really needs a hem or something that will prevent it from flying up at any provocation.

The shirt is retailored. I needed a white polka dot shirt for something or other but I could only find one in a few sizes too big. So the side seams went in and the neck got rebound with some slight gathering to fit it to my frame.
The jeans are definitely one of those garments of mine my mother wishes desperately she could throw on a bonfire. They are 13 years old! Well at this point it is probably more accurate the legs and hardware are 13 years old. The upper portion is practically patched at every point and not neatly-after a certain point I gave up matching thread, patch, or even making sure my hand sewing was even. They are my art jeans. I wear them when I'm being lazy (because they are fantastically comfortable) or doing something messy. They are full of memories. From the first giant red stain I got while making a model of Jupiter with my best friend of that time (turpentine didn't get it out), to painting my high school gallery, the first bright red patch from my friend's mother's sewing box to painting my attic library, to when a friend said "oh it won't rip" and proceeded to rip a new hole, to oil block printing and screenprinting, these trousers are very old friends.

The shirt is Steph's Blank Canvas Tee and I got the bands wrong 2 out of 3 times. Nevertheless I really like it though next time I plan on cutting a smaller size to get the neckline a bit snugger.
Oh and remember Monday's skirt? This is the original that I copied. Most of the side seams are now darned.

not me made is the American Apparel skirt and tights from Target

I spend Saturday dancing so I was in my rapper skirt.

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